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21 Dec 09 / 21:10 / Joe Hedges

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What can you do about online plagiarists?

Rareform Branding - Blog ImageYou've spent an eternity getting your content right. You've commissioned and produced your imagery. You've spent an equal eternity getting the structure and navigation right. You've refined, and paid for, your keywords and your site is as optimised as it possibly can be. In short, you've spent a very large amount of time and money producing your website. Finally, after all the blood, sweat, tears and - perhaps - tantrums, it's live. You now have the online window that you deserve. It reflects you and only you. Great! Well, it is great until someone decides that they like your work...

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09 Jan 09 / 10:49 / Joe Hedges

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Ready steady go - branding in a credit crunch

I will start with saying that this is just my humble opinion, and humble it is. But it is an opinion and even a little on the optimistic side. Last year, well the end of last year, was tough; bank shares not just crumbling but imploding,,, disintegrating and settling into the earth like dust from the auditors year book. But guess what, I have an opinion, "its good news for branding and design communications companies!" well at least for the SME's of the creative world. You see the way I'm seeing it (sorry, just putting my 'rose tinted' glasses on)...

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