21 Dec 09 / 21:10 / Joe Hedges

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What can you do about online plagiarists?

Rareform Branding - Blog ImageYou've spent an eternity getting your content right. You've commissioned and produced your imagery. You've spent an equal eternity getting the structure and navigation right. You've refined, and paid for, your keywords and your site is as optimised as it possibly can be. In short, you've spent a very large amount of time and money producing your website. Finally, after all the blood, sweat, tears and - perhaps - tantrums, it's live. You now have the online window that you deserve. It reflects you and only you. Great! Well, it is great until someone decides that they like your work...

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22 Apr 09 / 10:45 / Joe Hedges

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Who is the designer?

I have often read articles, blogs etc that cover the frustrations of designers who are victims of a prescriptive client. Being agency side for the best part of 21 years I have experienced the effect many times. It is however a complicated area and hard to work around. I'll start this by breaking down the kind of clients that I have come across, mostly though I have been lucky, but there have been occasions. The trained marketing or brand manager with no agenda except a successful project and possible promotion as a result, perfect! They tend to listen and...

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17 Mar 09 / 12:07 / Joe Hedges

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Augmented reality, does it have a place with brands

Something that has been on the radar of late is a new, or relatively new, augmented reality concept. How marketing and branding companies use this is yet to be seen, but rest assured, something fun will come from it, if not already. We at Rareform have already started to explore what can be achieved with it, so who knows, the next big thing could be billboards being interacted with via T shirt logos... sounds like fun to me. Anyway, check it out... Mini BMW Hitlab...

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26 Feb 09 / 15:06 / Joe Hedges

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3D logos, why, when and what for...

Rareform Branding - Blog ImageIn recent months a successful brand that Rareform created was tweaked by a US based branding consultancy. Although the logo wasn't changed, what they did was create a new 3D version of it. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not writing this on a mission to protect our work, however, it did raise an internal debate about the 'whys' and 'why nots' around creating 3D logos. Additionally, it has been something in the past that we have engaged in with different clients for different reasons. I therefore thought it would be a good blog subject and would welcome other opinions....

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27 Jan 09 / 10:00 / Joe Hedges

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Designers Republic go out of business - RIP

Rareform Branding - Blog Image I am shocked this morning, finding out that Designers Republic have moved off the chart leaves a strange feeling. For many years now they have been an industry icon, with many designers being influenced by their simple and iconographic approach to design. It seems sad to me that a company that has given so much to the industry has suffered the first blow of the current economic downturn. Why them? after-all, they have always seemed to be the most unlikely to leave the arena. My predictions earlier this month was that we would start to see some larger design...

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